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Our Total Cremation Package Includes:

  • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory
  • Preparations and delivery of death certificate to doctor
  • Filing of death certificate with Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Obtaining cremation approval from the medical examiner
  • Assistance to families in filing for VA benefits and insurance policies
  • Social security administration forms completed
  • Cremation fee
  • Alternative container (The container the body is cremated in)
  • Rigid container (for the return of the cremated remains)

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Laterriere, Quebec Funeral Homes Have Served the Communities of New York For More Than 125 Years

Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes want the families of New York to have a special place to honor the person you have loved and lost. They have been serving the people of the community for over 125 years and have the experience to assist all faiths and customs. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes offer their support and compassion before, during, and after the funeral services, they are committed to providing you continued care.

At Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes you will receive the finest care, from your first phone call or visit they will help you with every detail of the funeral arrangements. Once they have the information needed, Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will take care of all paperwork, including Social Security, Veterans benefits, and any insurance papers. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will make all of the preparations, including flowers, cars, and any clergy services that you may want or need. At Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes they want to make this painful time as undemanding as possible for you.

Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes have large or small visitation rooms to suit your size, all have a warm and inviting atmosphere where you and your family and friends will find a quiet gentleness to be able to recapture memories of your loved one. The tranquil settings at Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes are comforting, with soft lighting, that give a melancholy feel to all who visit. You will find that many Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes have Chapels onsite if you desire to have a service for your loved one. There are also small peaceful rooms where you can go to be alone and reflect on the life you are mourning.

When you chose to use Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes, you will find that they believe that the services you select should be as unique as the life that is being remembered. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will assist you in creating a special remembrance for your loved one. You can have a special remembrance DVD created by Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes from photos that you provide. These photos should be of the good times your loved one had doing things they enjoyed. Pictures of them with family and friends are perfect for a memorial DVD. This can be shown during the visitation, or after at a luncheon, the DVD can also be kept for you to view in private.

Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will discuss having a memorial table set up for your loved one. Here all visitors will be able to see a part of your loved one`s life. You can display photos, medals, craft items, hobbies that they enjoyed, maybe a favorite golf club or baseball card. When thinking of what to place on this table just think of what your loved one enjoyed doing, or what they accomplished in life. Any article that reminds you of good times from your loved one would be appropriate. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes wants you to be able to think of the good parts from your loved one`s life, so beside for mourning their death, you can also celebrate the life they lived.

When there are family members and friends that will not be able to attend the services, Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes does their best to provide closure for them. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes set up an online guest book where friends and family members can leave the condolences they would have rather said in person but could not. On this site people will also be able to leave messages for you and memories they shared with your loved one. This online guestbook that Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes sets up, also makes a great tribute for you to view for years to come.

Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will be there for you after all of the visitors have gone home. A grief counselor will contact you to see if you want to talk, and to find out if you would like to join their aftercare program where you can join a grief support group, or receive daily emails with uplifting thoughts. Knowing how hard this time may be for you Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes does not want to leave you alone with your grief. Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes will help you through this journey no matter how you are dealing with your loss.

Since many people are now pre-planning for their own funeral the way they would plan for retirement, Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes have trained professional who will explain the process of pre-planning your arrangements. You can sit down at a time that is comfortable for you and go over the details of arranging the type of service you would like to have with a Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes professional. These arrangements can be paid for in advance so you will lock into the current price. No matter how many years go by you will have the peace of mind knowing that your family will not have the burden of making arrangements at what will be a very difficult time for them, and they will not have any surprise expenses either.

When you choose to use Laterriere, Quebec funeral homes you can sure of receiving the dignified and compassionate care that you and your loved one deserve.